My favourite Welsh Beach: Rhossili

Why travel far when there are so many nice things to see just in front of your door, right? One thing I love about living in Wales is being close to the sea and the stunning nature. My first trip in Wales led to the Gower which is a peninsula next to Swansea. After a turbulent 2,5 hour bus ride we finally got to Rhossili!


Rhossili is a village located at the end of the peninsula and has a stunning 3 mile long beach and another famous Welsh landmark: Worm’s Head. This tidal island is located at the south end of the beach and is only accessible when the tide is low. It does look very impressive and like a proper worm having a bath in the Welsh Sea!


We decided to go for a walk across the beach to a little café which is hidden behind the dunes in a caravan park and which has a really nice view of the sea. There are a number of shipwrecks distributed along the coastline and the remainings of one of them (apparently an old Portuguese ship) is right on the beach. There is not much left, just some old bits poking out of the sand.


We were super lucky with the weather when we first crossed the beach, but on our way back the Welsh weather showed its powers once again and it turned out that Chucks were most definitely not the right shoes to wear!


After climbing up the many stairs that lead back to the village, we finished the day with a warming hot chocolate in the local pub in Rhossili. Unfortunately we were so drenched, that we could not go out to Worm’s Head but it is most definitely on my to-do list for my next visit!


Rhossili is a great place to visit for a weekend away to get out of the city and take your mind of things! More information about Rhossili, how to get there and where to stay is available from this website!

Let me know what your favourite beach in the UK is! I need inspirations for my next trip!

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