Oh, The Places You’ll Go Travel TAG

I love a good TAG and I love travelling, so when I came across this tag over on Beck in a blog (go and read her blog! It’s seriously amazing and I love reading it!), I decided to do this as well, so here we go!

IMG_96291. If you could hop on a plane to anywhere, right now, where you would you go?
That’s an easy one: somewhere warm with a nice beach! Thailand would be my choice right know! I’d love to travel Thailand and Cambodia as I’ve never been there and there is just so much to see!

2. Do you have a scent that takes you back to a memorable vacation?
Hmmmm, probably the smell of the sea, since we always went to holidays on the seaside when I was a kid, especially in the north of Germany. My best memories are from holidays with my family there where we would take long bike rides across the island and spent lots of time on the beach building sand castles!

3. If you had the choice, would you rather drive, fly, or take a train?
I like all of them but for vacation I’d say fly because it gets you to the destination the fastest. I prefer taking the train over the car in general because you can walk around. Might also be because my dad used to be a train conductor :)

4. Have you lived in the same city all your life, or have you moved frequently throughout growing up?
I have moved quite a lot with my 26 years. I grew up in a teensy tiny village in Germany. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere and only 400 people live there. Don’t get me wrong, I love this village but I just always wanted to explore the world and live in another country. I moved to Darmstadt to study, then moved to Cardiff in 2009 to do my Bachelors. After that I found a job in Frankfurt and moved there for 3 years. Last year I then decided to move back to Cardiff to do my Masters and now I have a job in Cardiff, the city that I absolutely love!


5. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?
I am in a long-distance relationship at the moment as my boyfriend lives and works in Macedonia for half the year and comes back every 4 weeks for at least 2 weeks. Thankfully his job is flexible because mine isn’t. I quite like to have my space sometimes but it can get hard! Travel-wise this has given me lots of opportunities since I haven’t been to the Balkans before and was absolutely stunned by the nature! You can read all about my travels to Macedonia here and here!

6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done whilst on vacation?
I usually don’t do crazy stuff on holidays. I went scuba diving in Macedonia, which I then found out just isn’t for me as I hated being under water and not able to breathe like I normally would.

7. Do you get jet-lagged after a long flight?
Yep, definitely! When I went to the US, the way there was ok, but when I came back I was super confused and it took me ages to get back on a normal sleeping pattern.

8. Dream vacation?
A round the world trip. I used to work at STA Travel which offer the most amazing Round the World Trips and ever since then I wanted to do one. I’d love to see Africa, India, the Middle East and South East Asia. The bucket list is veeeeeeery long!

9. Worst vacation?
Dublin at the beginning of the year. Not so much because of the destination, I loooved the Cliffs of Moher and the Irish countryside, but I just didn’t get along with my travel companion at all. Tipp: always travel with someone you know well and have common interests, otherwise things can get quite stressful!


10. Would you ever go on vacation to somewhere you’ve already been?
I usually prefer to go somewhere I haven’t been to before but yes, if I do really like a place I would definitely go back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this TAG because I absolutely loved writing it!

I would like to TAG the following people and see their travel dreams and experiences:

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 Little Bit Soph

3 thoughts on “Oh, The Places You’ll Go Travel TAG

  1. Aww man I only just saw this! Firstly thanks for the kind words! Secondly, I’m so glad you did this! I feel you girl – I know what it’s like living in a small village in the middle of nowhere! Lovely at times but also quite the opposite too sometimes! :P I also know what it’s like to travel with someone you don’t get along with! We were fine starting off, but then it sort of took a turn for the worse and she fell out with myself, and our other friend. Worse part was we were staying at her place in Ireland at the time! :S
    Also, I travelled to Germany once when I was younger on a school trip. It is such a beautiful place! <3


    1. Thanks for the sweet comment! Seems like we have a lot in common! At least you had a third person with you and weren’t stuck with just her like I was. Funny that it was in Ireland as well!! xx


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