A Coffee Lovers Paradise

Last week I waslucky to be invited to the #CoffeeWithCurrys event with Nespresso in Cardiff. Even though I have been living in the UK for quite a while now, I still prefer coffee over tea which is why I was very excited for this event!

The event took place at Waterloo Tea in the Wyndham Arcade which was the perfect setting with lots of space and delicious food!

At the event, we were divided into groups and got to go to four different stations showing us different things to do with coffee. The first station for my group was the coffee cocktail station. We each got a nice coffee mocktail as a welcome drink which tasted amazing and a bartender showed us how to make different cocktails using different Nespresso capsules. My favourite has to be the Orange Espresso Martini!


The next station was dedicated to everything about Nespresso where we were explained the different machines and capsules. I am quite familiar with Nespresso as a brand and love their coffee. It was interesting to see their different machines and I would love to get one which can do a Latte Macchiato at some point!


The third station was the one I was most exited about which was the latte art station. I never ever thought that it would be so hard to pour milk into coffee! Here is what the expert did:


And here is mine:


Jepp, that’s a very artistic blob :D

The final part of our day was the coffee tasting where we tried pretty much all of the 22 capsules that Nespresso makes. I learned that I definitely don’t like the super strong espressos and prefer the weaker ones or the ones that have a medium strength.


Me being me, I obviously forgot to take a picture of the amazing lunch before I dug in but it was perfect to say the least! It was a very healthy but amazing lunch with little hummus appetizers and a lovely salad with hazelnuts and pomegranates. Definitely coming back for lunch one day! I did however take a picture of the lovely cakes for you! I was so stuffed when they brought out the cake that I could not eat much more but the chocolate cake and the orange cake that I tried tasted delicious!


The day was absolutely perfect and I enjoyed meeting so many new bloggers and seeing several bloggers again! In the picture below there is me (in the middle) with the lovely girls Charlotte and Levi Jade!

Photo Courtesy of http://misssquiggles.com/

A big thank you to Currys PC World and Waterloo Tea for the wonderful afternoon and I look forward to more of this in the future! You can read Currys post about the event here.

8 thoughts on “A Coffee Lovers Paradise

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Heather did tell me that you were getting the machine for Christmas, that’s amazing! I bet you have amazing coffee everyday now! It was really nice to meet you too, hope to see you again soon! xx


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