My Travel Bucket List

Are you familiar with that feeling that starts to kick in when you’ve spent a certain amount of time at one place? I love that feeling! It’s hard to understand for some people but I love the drill of moving to a new city and travelling to somewhere I have never been to! I have never made a travel bucket list before but I have found so many amazing places I want to go to that I felt like writing it down. So here we go in order of my need to go there!


1. India

PicMonkey Collage

Ever since I had an Indian housemate back in 2010, I developed a huge interest in going to India. I want to see the Diwali lights in October, eat Palak Paneer on a street food stand, see all the temples and experience the Indian life! I want to see Jaipur, Agra and New Delhi in the North, discover the buzzing streets of Mumbai and Pune and see my friends in the state of Tamil Nadu!

2. North Wales 

North Wales

After living in Wales for almost 4 years it’s quite embarassing to say that I have not made my way up to North Wales yet! I am dying to see Anglesey, Portmeirion and wander the mountains of Snowdonia!

3. Romania

RomaniaRomania is not a well-known travel destination but did you know that they have the most amazing waterfalls in Europe? I mean just look at the Bicar falls on the picture above! Romania is also home to Dracula’s castle, if that doesn’t convince you, maybe the other beautiful castles will? Bucharest is a trending city and I imagine strolling around and exploring will be very exciting!

4. Israel


Similar to India, I discovered my interest in going to Israel from friends. My previous housemate used to go there regularly and loved it. I now have a friend from Israel who tells me the most interesting stories about Israel and I would love to go! I want to explore the old town of Jerusalem and the contrasting buzzing Tel Aviv, I want to swim in the dead sea and I want to eat aaaall the hummus and chickpeas!

5. Marrakesh


Marrakesh has been on my list for the longest time! I can’t wait to wander through the souqs and experience all the different smells and tastes! I would love to go to the Atlas mountains and discover little villages and meet locals!

Of course these are not the only places on my bucket list, but they are the ones which I would love to visit asap! Let me know if you like these kind of posts and I will share the rest of my bucket list with you soon!

Now I am really interested to know what is on your travel bucket list at the moment? Which places would you like to visit most?

2 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. Marrakech is on my to visit list, along with india! I really want to travel to america as I have never been, particularly new york. I am going to budapest in july and I am so excited as I’ve never been there before and it looks beautiful! xx

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