Week in Pictures #1

I have been thinking about making my blog a bit more personal recently and thought that this post is a good start for this! Let me show you what I got up to last week!

Week in Pictures 2

I went to Germany last week for my mom’s 60th birthday and of course I had to do some airport shopping for myself and picked up my very first Jo Malone fragrance in the duty free shop (top left)! I recently started doing the Couch to 5K challenge and went for a couple of runs in my lovely hometown (top right). Other than that, I was working from home, enjoyed a walk around the Laacher See, a lake close to home (bottom left) and relaxed with a new book which I really like (bottom right).

Week in Pictures 1

I went to visit my best friend in Cologne and loved the wine fest there (obvs!) and the view of the cathedral at night (top left). The train ride there was a bit cloudy but still offered great views of the Rhine (top right). We went to a lovely Turkish restaurant where they had the cutest tea pots and cups (bottom left). This weekend I went back to Frankfurt where I lived for 2 years to visit some friends and it was a great feeling to be back (bottom right).

What have you been up to last week? Stay tuned for a German drugstore haul coming soon because I surely did some shopping while I was there!

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