This Summer I Will… TAG

Summer is my favourite time of the year and I was very happy to be tagged by the lovely Lydia from Electric Suede to do the This Summer I Will TAG which was created by new-mummy Leanne from A Slice of My Life Wales!

  • See more of Wales – I have seen a few bits of Wales including the Gower and Pembrokeshire and a bit of the Brecon Beacons but I can’t wait to go to North Wales and explore Snowdonia, Portmeirion and Angelesey!
  • Go on a family holiday – The last few months have been a bit tough for my family and with me living in the UK while they are in Germany makes it hard to see each other often, so this year we have decided to go on a family vacation and hopefully head to Portugal!
  • Graduate! – My graduation for my Master’s degree is in less than a month and I can’t wait to see some familiar faces again!
  • Run 5k – Wow I never thought I’d say that EVER! I used to hate running, especially in school, but I started using the Couch 2 5K App 5 weeks ago and really hope I’ll be able to run 5k in a month’s time!
  • Improve my blog – I have struggled to get back into the blogging habit after finishing uni last year because I simply don’t have enough time at hand but I want to get more organised and plan more blog posts in advance which is something I am already working on!
  • Study French – I really love French and I used to be really good at it but since I only ever practice it when we do conferences in Brussels for work, I realise how much I have forgotten. So this year, I want to make an effort and study French online or via an app!
  • Enjoy the sun – I love summer and I really hope that this summer in Wales is a good one with lots of sunshine to get a tan and relax on one of the beaches!
  • Buy a bike – I usually walk to work which takes me 25 minutes which is ok, but I’d love to get a bike to get there quicker. I also imagine it would be great to cycle along the Taff and go on bike rides along the coast!
  • Take more pictures – I am quite lazy when it comes to taking pictures when I’m out and about but they make great memories and I really need to start taking more pictures!
  • Meet more Welsh bloggers – I have met some really lovely people through blogging and can’t wait to meet some more fellow Welsh bloggers!

I would like to tag: Alice in a Looking Glass, A Fashion Oddity and The Rose Beauty Files!

Please tag me so I can see what you wrote!

What are you planning this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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