Week in Pictures #3

The last few weeks have been pretty eventful for me and involved some trips, lots of yummy food and something else very exciting! So keep on reading to find out what I have been up to!


Let’s start with the most exciting part: I graduated! I actually finished my degree last August, but my graduation was last week. My parents came over and celebrated the day with me. It was a lovely day and thankfully it wasn’t raining and the sun even made some appearances! I wore a dress from Warehouse that I bought for a wedding in April, I am so in love with the pattern and colours on it!

PicMonkey CollageWhile my parents where here, we went on a trip to St. Fagan’s, a place just outside Cardiff where you can experience the Welsh life through the centuries. I never knew that they also have a lovely castle in there (top left). We also went to The Mumbles in Swansea (top right), a place where I have never been before but always wanted to go. Me and my housemates went to the beach in Llantwit Major two weeks ago and had the best weather, it really reminded me of how much I love being by the sea!Food

What would a Week in Pictures be without food pictures, right? I went to Pieminister a few times in the last weeks. I’d definitely recommend the Green Goddess Pie and the sweet potato fries which are lush (top left). I also visited the Depot, a street food event which was only on that weekend and had a lovely pad thai from Brother Thai in Cardiff (top left). A highlight was my visit to Steak of the Art with work. I went for a sirloin steak and of course: sweet potato fries (bottom left)! The day before graduation we went to Jamie’s Italian (bottom right) because my mom was desperate to eat there. I had the prawn linguine which were nice but the portion size could have been a bit bigger in my opinion!

What were your last weeks like? Did you go on any trips or go to somewhere nice for food?

8 thoughts on “Week in Pictures #3

  1. Congrats on the graduation!! :D
    That’s a big freaking deal, so happy for you! :D

    Ohh, love the photos you took!
    Great post :)
    Have a lovely day!


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