A Love Letter to the Breathtaking Scenery of Pembrokeshire, Wales

A few months ago, I went to explore West Wales with a couple of friends for an extended weekend. I haven’t had the time yet to write a blog post about it so far, but today, I took the time to sit down and write about this amazing part of Wales. Be prepared for some stunning nature and lots of pictures of the sea!


We started our trip in Cardiff and our first stop was Rhossilli which is a town at the end of The Gower that is next to a beautiful beach and Worm’s Head which you can see below.DSC_0197I have been to Rhossili Bay before and wrote about my trip here. This time we were much more lucky with the weather. Actually, thinking about it, we were very lucky for the entire trip, as the weather was brilliant and super sunny!


From Rhossili, we drove to our YHA in Broad Haven. When we arrived, we were very impressed with the hostel as it was clean and a 2 minute walk from the beach!


Broad Haven is a small town, not far from Pembrokeshire and ideally situated to explore Pembrokeshire! There are two pubs in the town centre and it’s a very quiet holiday resort. Since it’s so close to Haverfordwest, there are lots of shopping facilities to stock up for your stay in the YHA.


On the first day, we cooked dinner, played some board games in the YHA and enjoyed the amazing sunset at the beach.DSC_0206

On our second day, we went for the St David’s Head coastal walk which led us from Whitesands beach to St. David’s Head and back.

DSC_0209The walk leads you up on the cliff above Whitesands and takes you all around to the furthest bit of the cliff, which is called St. David’s Head. We chose the walk because it offers stunning views but is still manageable for not-so-experienced walkers like me.

DSC_0224The walk took us around an hour and afterwards we decided to visit St. David’s, a town which is not only a popular holiday town in Pembrokeshire but also a well known for the huge St. David’s Cathedral.

DSC_0239The cathedral is situated in a small valley and is only visible once you enter the gates from the city. Next to the Cathedral are the ruins of Bishops Palace which are equally impressive.


Whilst we were in the area, we couldn’t miss visiting the Blue Lagoon, located just off Abereiddy beach. The slade from the surrounding mountains give this little lagoon the unusual deep blue colour. I loved every bit of this trip, but seeing the blue lagoon was the best part of this trip for me!


On our trip back home on day three, we had a brief stop in Tenby, a lovely town in the south of Pembrokeshire. I’ve been to Tenby before with my parents and it was nice to see this lovely, colourful coastal town again! DSC_0255As you can see, the weather was brilliant again and we had a nice stroll around the harbour and enjoyed a picnic on the beach!


Now that I have moved back to Germany for a month before going off to India, these pictures have made me miss Wales already! I am sure I will go back to explore more of this wonderful part of the UK.

Have you ever been to Pembrokeshire? Which other parts of the UK would you recommend to go to?

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