Week in Pictures #6

The last few weeks since I left Cardiff have been crazy busy and today I am going to show you what I have been up to!

PicMonkey Collage I took three trips to Frankfurt. The first one was to apply for my visa, the second was to pick it up but then I realised it was Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday and the consulate was closed, so I had to go for a third time. Wouldn’t have been so bad if my bus wasn’t 4.5 hours late the second time I went, but well, got to see Frankfurt again and I bought my backpack for the trip! I also enjoyed being able to drive again, my mum’s new Audi is a lovely car and I am always happy when she hands me the keys! KoelnLast Friday I went to Cologne with my dad because he had a meeting there and I wandered through the city with him afterwards. We had a lovely lunch at one of the most well-known pubs in Cologne and watched a great band perform in the streets later. Especially loved the music from the didgeridoo!

HomeI got extremely excited when I found that there was a German sports channel showing the Rugby World Cup so I wouldn’t miss the matches! Go Wales! Our cat Kimba unfortunately didn’t get as excited by the rugby! On Saturday, the fun fair called Lukasmarkt in the nearest town started. My dad and I went on the chairoplane on Sunday which was so much fun and I had some special smoked salmon for dinner whilst I was there. The fair goes on until Sunday and I can’t wait to go more often!

What have you been up to those last weeks? Do you enjoy fun fairs as much as I do?

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