Jaipur, the Jewel of Rajasthan: Elephants, the Amber Fort & Markets!

Today is an exciting day as it’s the start of my travel posts about my recent big trip to India and Southeast Asia (read all about my travel route here)! I’ll start off with one of my favourite places: Jaipur in India!

Jaipur Amber Fort

One of the most well known attractions of Jaipur is the Amber Fort which we visited in the morning when the heat was still bearable. It’s a very popular place that’s buzzing with tourists. When we arrived we had the opportunity to ride an elephant up the fort but I would highly advise not to. I’ve never been a very active animal rights protector, but India definitely changed my perspective on this. I’ll explain more about this in another blog post.

Jaipur Amber Fort

The Amber Fort has a stunning architecture. Apart from the fact that it is massive and has an amazing location overlooking a lake and the nearby hills, it has remarkable details on every doorstep, window and ceiling.

Jaipur Amber Fort

The Amber Fort is well worth a visit and should not be missed when you are in Jaipur. I would recommend getting a guide to explain the history and meaning behind this mesmerizing place to enjoy it to the fullest!

We spent five days in Jaipur as part of the programme of our trip was volunteering. We volunteered in a local Elephant village on the outskirts of Jaipur. An Elephant village is basically like a big farm for multiple families that all own one elephant. Usually those are the elephants that carry tourists up the Amber Fort. We volunteered in the school that our organisation build for the kids from the village and after the first day, I met my very first elephant!

Jaipur Elephant Village

It’s needless to say that I was absolutely blown away by this majestic and lovely animal. Meeting an elephant for the first time is incredible and I will never forget this moment!

The volunteering in the school was lovely but very, very exhausting. Have you ever played Duck, Duck, Goose in the sand with 30 kids when it’s 38 degrees outside? It was lots of fun but I did enjoy being in the school building with the fans on full speed and colouring with the little one’s! (Turns out I suck at teaching!)

Jaipur Elephant Village

For the three days we volunteered we got a lunch package to eat after school in the shade. It was a typical Indian lunch and usually consisted of chapati (top left), rice (top right), daal (bottom left) and some greens, in this case lady fingers (bottom right). I was in love with Indian food before I went to India but being there is so different and authentic Indian food is just amazing!

Jaipur Elephant Village

Another landmark that should not be missed in Jaipur is the Hawa Mahal which also goes by the name of Palace of Winds. Apparently it was used as a place for the women of the royal household to observe the market place as they were not allowed to leave the house without being accompanied by a man.

Hawa Mahal

Jaipur is also known as the pink city as most of the city’s buildings are made out of pink coloured sandstone. This gives the city something very special and I fell in love with the flair and the hustle and bustle of this city. The biggest hustle and bustle can of course be found in the markets.

One of my favourite markets has to be Bapu Bazar which is mainly a bazar for textiles but you can also find jewellery and souvenirs there. It does get very crowded at times but you can find some really good bargains there!

Jaipur Bapu Bazar

Whilst typing this post up, I realised how much I have to say about Jaipur and now there will be two parts! So remember to come back next week for part II!

Have you been to India? What are your favourite places to go travelling?

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