Must-Sees in Jaipur: City Palace & Monkey Temple!

Following last weeks post about my trip to Jaipur in India, today it’s time for part two where I’ll take you to some of my favourite places in Jaipur!


We organised a visit to the City Palace ourselves as it was not included and it is definitely a must see! It’s gorgeous and the detailing on this palace is stunning! Just look at the fine details on the Peacock gate above! There were four different gates, representing the four seasons. The peacock gate was my favourite and stands for autumn, then there’s the Lotus gate for summer, the Green gate for spring and the rose gate for winter.

Jaipur City Palace Diwan-I-Khas

On the picture above, you can see Diwan-I-Khas which was a private audience hall of the Maharajas. The chandeliers were massive and the wall paintings along with the marble floor complimented this room so well and made it feel very special.

Jaipur City Palace

Besides the fact that this palace is absolutely huge, it’s amazing and there are finely crafted details in every corner. I love the patterns on the archway above. Such great carvings are everywhere to be found in the palace. You can spend hours and hours just wandering around looking at buildings.

Jaipur Henna

Speaking of details, of course you cannot be in India without having your henna done! Above there’s me having my Henna done by our lovely guide Rinku! She did such a good job and I loved my pattern!

Jaipur Monkey Temple

To finish of my ramblings about Jaipur, I want to talk a bit about my favourite place in Jaipur and possibly one of my favourite places of my whole entire trip! It’s also a bit of a secret spot that’s not full of tourists but it’s so so beautiful! What the hell I’m talking about? The Monkey Temple! It’s a bit outside of Jaipur and also known as Galtaji. To get there you walk through the gate on the picture above and look straight at a little hill that is full (and I mean full!!!) of monkeys. There are people selling food for the monkeys to you but unless you want to be attacked by 20 monkeys at a time, don’t do it! I even kept away from people who had food as the monkeys can be a bit aggressive!

Jaipur Monkey Temple Galtaji

Once you made it to the top you are rewarded with a great view over Jaipur and the Rajasthani country side and there’s a small but beautiful temple on the top. Once we were up there we were a bit disappointed as we did expect more. It was nice, but something was missing. So we started making our way down on the other side where our drivers were picking us up and met lots of pilgrims in colourful saris on the way.

Jaipur Monkey Temple Galtaji

When we reached the last turn we finally saw what makes this place so special to both tourists and locals and I took my favourite picture of the whole entire trip:

Jaipur Monkey Temple

What none of us knew before we went there is that Galtaji is a series of temples that is famous for its natural water springs and a holy place for Hindus. There were very few people there and the whole place was just quiet and magical to us.

The ancient Indian architecture and the secluded location surrounded by hills give this place an incredible atmosphere and my mind was blown by how peaceful it was.

Jaipur Monkey Temple Galtaji

If you ever head to Rajasthan, don’t miss out on this place! It’s not very well known among tourists which makes it even more special. Jaipur was one of my favourite places in India. I found people there to be extremely kind and the busy and colourful atmosphere of this city truly mesmerised me.

Have you been to any of these places yet? Do you have any plans to go to India soon?

Stay tuned for next weeks post about Pushkar in India, especially if you like shopping!

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