The Colourful Markets of Pushkar, India & A Trip to the Desert Thar

Today’s blog post will take you to one of the most exciting cities in India: Pushkar! Colourful markets with tradesmen shouting around, cows wandering through the streets, the holy lake and lots of camels make this place very special. Keep reading to see more beautiful pictures and hear all about my adventures!

Pushkar Market (1)

Let’s start with the best thing about Pushkar: the markets! The whole city is full of buzzing market stalls where you can find the best camel leather bags and colourful saris amongst souvenirs and jewellery!

We even skipped lunch to able to browse around for hours, making sure to find the best deals. You can imagine that three girls not only spent a lot of money, but we all found some nice treasures that’ll always remind us of this lovely place!

Pushkar Market

Pushkar is a rather small town and every tourist attraction is in walk-able distance. Make sure not to miss out the cute little cafe’s that are tucked away behind lots of alley ways! There are quite a few bars and restaurants overlooking Pushkar Lake where you can take a break from your shopping frenzy!

Pushkar Market (2)

For Hindus the biggest reason to come to Pushkar is the holy Pushkar lake. According to a legend, this lake was consecrated to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe when a lotus dropped from his hand into the vale and a lake emerged in that place. There are always many pilgrims around the lake, taking part in various ceremonies or bathing in the lake.

Pushkar Holy Lake (3)

We also took part in one of those ceremonies as well. According to our guide it was a ceremony for good karma. For a small donation, we received a plate with flower petals, a coconut, rice and red and yellow powder as offerings for the gods. We got blessed and then released our offerings in the holy lake. It was a very special moment which I am happy to have experienced on my travels.

Pushkar Holy Lake (1)

The atmosphere on the steps of the lake is incredible. There’s lots of pilgrims in colourful saris swooshing around, buying their offerings and people sitting by the lake, enjoying the sun and the views.

Definitely bring the cheapest shoes with you as you have to leave them on the street before going down to the lake. Luckily, all of our shoe were still there when we came back from the ceremony!

Pushkar Holy Lake (2)

Our trip to Pushkar ended with a 2 hour camel safari and an overnight stay in the Thar desert. It was lovely to see the changing colours of the daylight setting in the sunset whilst riding a camel all the way to the desert. When we arrived, our camel guides set up camp for us from scratch and cooked us a delicious meal on the open fire.

I slept pretty well although it was freezing cold in the desert at night. Thankfully I was prepared and had my warm fleece with me. The next morning we got up rather early to have breakfast whilst the sun was rising among the mountains.

Pushkar Camel Safari

Pushkar is a truly special place in India and I would love to go back to the markets one day! Next week’s travel post is going to take you to one of the most famous sights of India: the Taj Mahal!

Have you been to Pushkar yet? Where is your favourite place in India that you would like to visit? Let me know in the comments below!

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