5 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

I am most definitely a complete and utter Instagram addict! Out of all the social media platforms, I like Instagram the most and like to spend hours scrolling through my feed and finding new accounts. So here are my five favourite accounts of all times! Like my blog, it’s a mix of travel, beauty and food, I hope you enjoy and find some new accounts to follow!

5 Inspring Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow


Murad Osmann

I love, love, love the amazing pictures of this couple. They travel all around the world and always take pictures from the same perspective. They have a huge follower base on Instagram and go to the most astonishing places! Apart from the breathtaking photography skills, I love this account as a travel inspiration! They’ve recently been to India and shot some amazing pictures like the one below on the bottom left in Varanasi!

Murad Osmann

Symmetry Breakfast

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast picture, am I right? Symmetry Breakfast uploads a perfectly symmetrical breakfast (as the name would suggest) every single day. I love their variations, they show typical European dishes but also venture out exploring India, Asian and other country-specific breakfasts! Give them a follow and you’ll be sure to hear your belly rumbling in the morning whilst scrolling through your Instagram feed!

Symmetry Breakfast

Singapore Gypsy

Similar to @ihavethisthingwithfloors, Singapore Gypsy posts images of floors. Not that interesting you think? Well, there are quite some beautiful floors out there! Check out the pictures below! I love how this account has given me a totally different perspective in my everyday life. I do notice that I do look at floors more often now and it’s increased my awareness of my surroundings!

Singapore Gypsy


There are only a few make up related accounts that I adore and this is definitely one of them! I love Sarah’s flat lays and her FOTD’s! She mainly uses high end make up which has put the one or the other item on my wish list. I love her photography skills and how all of her pictures are perfectly planned!

Sarah Loves MakeUp

The Little Beauty Guide

Speaking of lovely pictures, you can really tell how much thought and love for detail the editors of the Little Beauty Guide put into their pictures! They have a great mix of drugstore and high end make up in their posts and they always find the cutest stationary!

The Little Beauty Guide

I hope you found some inspiration from my favourite accounts! Which Instagram accounts are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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