My Yoga Journey

I’ve never been a huge fan of any form of exercise. In school I hated the days when we had to run in sports class and I dreaded the yearly sports day! Today’s blog post is all about how I’ve fallen in love with exercise and how yoga has helped me to look at things in a different way!

My Yoga Journey

I can’t really remember how I got into yoga, I guess I just saw that lots of people were doing it and wanted to give it a shot. I didn’t want to spend any money on it because I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not so I started off with Yoga With Adriene videos on Youtube.

I started of with a random video every now and then but when I quit my job just before I went traveling, I suddenly found myself with lots of spare time on hand. I always try to keep some sort of routine even on free days so I started doing Adriene’s videos first thing in the morning before breakfast.

When I went traveling, I met lots of amazing people. One of them was Amanda from Portland, Oregon who was a yoga teacher. I went to a yoga class in Chiang Mai with her and we even booked a 5 day yoga retreat in the south of Thailand together (there’ll be a separate blog post on that). Let me say as much, I really learned a lot in this retreat and also got to know more about the spiritual side of yoga and the benefits of mindfulness. I’ve taken a yoga class whenever I had the chance during my travels and since I’m back, I’ve started the 30 Day Yoga Camp from Yoga with Adriene!

I’m exactly 15 days into the Yoga Camp when writing this and I love it. Not only does the yoga wake my body up in the morning, I can feel how the stretching relieves tension in my muscles! I’ve worked in offices for most of my working life now and sitting on a desk all day can lead to back problems but ever since I started doing yoga and am working on my back muscles, my back feels a lot stronger and not as tense. You can read more about the treatment of back pain here.

I also used to suffer with a bad neck at the end of every work day and yoga has showed me exercises and movements to not only prevent a bad neck but also curing it. I enjoy doing some side twists in the morning to get the juices flowing! If I don’t have much time in the morning, I tend to do a video in the evening and always try to squeeze in at least a little sun salutation in the morning to wake up the body!

Have you done yoga before and are you as addicted to it as I am?

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4 thoughts on “My Yoga Journey

  1. Super excited for you…once yoga sinks its magic into you you never look back. I remember walking away from my first yoga class going ‘huh…something amazing just happened but I have no idea how!’ Keep it going, there’s a whole journey ahead :) Looking forward to hearing about it.

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