Sightseeing in Delhi, India

Delhi, probably the city with the worst reputation in India. Before I boarded my flight to India I had heard lots of negative things about this city, especially that it is unsafe for women. Well, considering it was my starting point for my India tour, there was no other way to make up my own mind!

Delhi Gurudwara Bangla Sahib - Sikh Temple

I arrived in Delhi in the afternoon and got picked up from the airport and brought to our homestay. We spend a considerable amount of time (around one week) in Delhi as it was used as a base for our trips to Rajasthan and Himchal Pradesh.

The first 3 days in Delhi were filled with settling in and getting to know some of the main sights of Delhi. One of our first stops was the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Sikh Temple. This temple is one of the biggest and most important Sikh Temples in Delhi.

Delhi Gurudwara Bangla Sahib - Sikh Temple

The architecture of this temple is lovely and it was buzzing with people praying when we visited. The atmosphere was very calming and spiritual. What really impressed me was the huge kitchen that’s next to the temple where they cook meals for hundreds of people every day.

Delhi Gurudwara Bangla Sahib - Sikh Temple

We took a bus tour to the other sights of Delhi, the most famous stop being the India Gate in the centre of Delhi. The India Gate is a war memorial for all the Indians killed in the First World War. On the bricks you can see inscriptions of the names of those that have died for their country.

Delhi - India Gate 3

Looking out from the India Gate, you can see the governmental sites up on a small hill. This area is heavily guarded by the military and it is not allowed for tourists to stop there for long. We spent maybe 2 minutes taking pictures before we were asked to leave.

Delhi India Gate

One of the most impressive buildings is Rashtrapati Bhavan, the residence of the President of India which allegedly has 340 rooms and is a lot bigger than Buckingham Palace!

Delhi Rashtrapati Bhavan

Another highlight of my time in Delhi was the Raj Ghat Mahatma Gandhi Memorial. After a short time in India you can’t fail but notice the importance Mahatma Gandhi still has for Indians today. There are tons of statues and memorials dedicated to him.

Many Indians come to this memorial to pass the ever-burning flame and to pay their respects for him.

Delhi Raj Ghat Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

We also made a quick stop at the Lotus Temple, a temple dedicated to the Bahá’í House of Worship. Although I would have loved to go in, there was a queue of 2 hours to get in and if it’s hitting 40 degrees, the last thing on your mind is to wait around in the heat for that amount of time!

Even from the outside, the architecture of this temple is just incredible! I’ve been to another Bahá’í temple before in Wilmette, USA and I love the architecture of their temples. I’m a bit of an architecture nerd if you can’t tell already :D

Delhi Lotus Temple

Overall, I did really enjoy Delhi and it’s sights. It was however true that I felt a little bit more unsafe than in other parts of India. I would advise to be very careful and not go outside alone and stay inside after dark, but that also applies for most other parts of the country.

Have you been to Delhi yet? What are your highlights of this city?


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