Paragliding in Palampur, India – The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done?

Today’s blog post takes you to some of the oldest forts in India, a colourful monastery and to the most insane thing I’ve done in India: Paragliding in the Himalayas! Keep reading to find out more!


Our homestay in Palampur was situated on the outskirts of the city, looking out onto the snow covered mountains and the beautiful scenery of Himchal Pradesh! Palampur is a small town that has a tea factory where you can see the process of tea making and there are lots and lots of goats in the city too!


We explored a lot of the surroundings of Palampur, including Kangra Fort which is located on a plateau, overlooking the valley and the rivers around it.

Kangra Fort1

Most of the fort is now in ruins, but the inside circle is pretty well preserved and you can see some incredible reliefs on the stones. When you enter the fort it seems kinda small, but once you look at the map that you’re given with the ticket, you can see that it is huge.

It might not be as posh and well preserved as the Amber Fort in Jaipur but I am sure that the Kangra Fort must have been equally impressive in the past!

Kangra Fort2

The markets everywhere in India are just incredible: colourful, full of interesting smells and most importantly, lots and lots of people. I was a bit scared of loosing my group at some point because there were so many people, but it’s basically impossible to loose a Westerner in India :D


We visited a monastery which was located on a hill in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately it was prayer time when we were there but we still got to look around and see the nice paintings on the buildings. And I got to make friends with the dogs of the monastery which were incredibly cute!


One of my absolute highlights of the entire trip was paragliding in the Himalayas. I was debating with myself for quite a while if I should do it or not. In the end, the ridiculous price of £25 convinced me to do it. I was a bit apprehensive regarding safety but I did feel secure and safe at all times.

Palampur Paragliding3

The worst part must’ve been the drive of the van up on a teeny tiny road to the mountain top. The street was insanely narrow and there was lots of traffic. I remember being up there and telling my friend Sian: “Look, there’s no way in hell I’m going back down that road in that van, I’d rather jump of here anyway!” and so I did!

Palampur Paragliding4

The most scary part was running off the mountain but the views were insane. So insane that it didn’t even feel real being up so high. It looked as if I was flying over a miniature land in a movie or so. My guide didn’t speak much English but he showed me some towns we could see.

Palampur Paragliding1

I am really happy I made myself step out of my comfort zone as I think I might have found a new passion! I loved it so much, I definitely want to go paragliding again, maybe in the Alps?

Palampur Paragliding2

I hope you liked my little inside to Palampur. Stay tuned for next week when I take you along to the stunning beaches of Goa!

Have you ever been paragliding? If yes, which places can you recommend?

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