My Must-See’s in Mumbai, India

Mumbai, my last stop in India where I had the two best guides a girl can ask for!

Mumbai 3

When I had booked my India trip, I immediately sent a message to my friends Vinita and Chintan who I was studying with in Cardiff! They were super excited for me to come to their country and I couldn’t wait to meet them in Mumbai! They were the best guides in the whole world and showed me the most famous sights in Mumbai.

Mumbai 5

Our first stop was the Gateway of India (see picture above) which is located at the harbour of Mumbai and looks out onto the Arabian Sea. It was quite crowded so I would advise to go there as early as possible.

Mumbai 2

Right behind the Gateway of India is the famous 5 star Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Quite to my surprise my friends dragged me in to use the restroom and well, I can proudly say that I have used the bathroom in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel now and that it was by far the nicest bathroom I’ve seen in the whole of India!

Mumbai 1

Another stop on our city tour was the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, formerly known as Victoria Terminus. The architecture of this place is just mind blowing. My friend showed me the inside as well which looked pretty much like a warehouse with trains and tracks, such a huge contrast to the splendid outside!

Mumbai 4

Mumbai is a huge city and it’s hard to find your way around, I just remember getting into a taxi with a guy who didn’t speak any English and had no idea whereabouts our hotel was. We stopped a million times to ask random people for directions and eventually got there, but hey, at least I got a free tour of the city that way! :D

The city is an impressive metropole that is worth seeing at least once in your lifetime! Have you been to Mumbai yet? What is your favourite part of India?

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