Bangkok, Thailand: Temples, Temples, more Temples and the Best Street Food

Bangkok, a fascinating city that you either love or hate, there really isn’t much in between. Let me tell you how I fell utterly in love with this vibrant city!

Bangkok Wat Pho 3

When I first arrived in Bangkok from Mumbai, I had the biggest culture shock ever. You might wonder how? Because surely, going to India from Europe must be more impressive? Yes it was, but I was prepared for India. I wasn’t prepared for Bangkok though! I remember quite well being in the taxi from the airport to my hostel, stunned at the cleanliness and quietness of the city. Anyone that has ever been to Bangkok will probably laugh at this, but believe me, after India I did feel that Bangkok was pretty much like being back in Europe!

So, I arrived at my hostel, put my bags in the dorm and walked down to the chill out area where I picked up a guide book about Bangkok to make a plan. I was soon approached by two lovely girls, Jordan and Kate, who took me out for dinner and a venture through Chinatown!

Bangkok Chinatown 1

Bangkok’s Chinatown is huge and filled with tons of food stalls where you can eat really good Chinese and Thai food for bargain prices! You will find these little food stalls with tiny plastic chairs all over Bangkok and Thailand, but I did find that in Bangkok, they had the best quality food for the best prices!

During my trip, I quickly learned the number one street food rule: Eat where the locals eat! Have a look around, find the restaurant with the most locals and just order anything off the menu. My favourite Thai dishes are Pad Thai and Green Curry, yum!

Bangkok Chinatown 2

After Chinatown we went for a stroll and found ourselves close to Wat Pho, the most famous temple complex in Bangkok that is the home of the Reclining Buddha. There was a festival on in there, so we were able to go in for free and look at the buildings from the outside when they were magically lightened up and there weren’t many tourists around. We decided to return the next day in the morning as we didn’t want to miss out on the Reclining Buddha!

Bangkok Wat Pho 2

Wat Pho is one of the most impressive and well preserved temples I have seen in my travels. You will find interesting little details everywhere! The highlight of course, is the golden Reclining Buddha that is 46m long and it is one of the largest Buddha statues in Thailand.

Bangkok Wat Pho 4

I would recommend taking at least 2 hours to explore the complex. There is so much to see and I did find that it gives a really good introduction to Buddhism. The entrance fee was 100 Baht, which equals £2. I found this price very reasonable for what you get.You can get a guide at a higher price, which might be something I would do next time.

Bangkok Wat Pho 1

Since my hostel was in the centre of Bangkok (find out where I stayed here), near a few malls (MBK, Siam Paragon, Platinum), I would usually go there for lunch or dinner. Bangkok can get insanely hot around 2 pm and you really start to appreciate air conditioning after a while! Most malls in Bangkok have food courts that have good food at street food prices. A firm favourite has to be the MBK food court where I must have had 10+ meals!

If you fancy a change from the backpacking life, I can recommend the cinema in Siam Paragon. Tickets start from 120 Baht, all the films are in English and the cinema is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen! And there is air con! ;-)

Bangkok Shopping

If you fancy some beauty shopping, there is a well stocked Sephora in the Siam Center and lots of other brands in other malls. You can find out more about my beauty purchases from Bangkok here. Bangkok really is a heaven for shopping. Apart from the many night markets and malls, there is also the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

I was blown away by the sheer dimensions of this market! It is huge and you can get lost super easily! You will definitely find the best souvenirs here as well as local arts and crafts. They literally have everything you will ever need in your life at this market. Make sure to be there early as it is a hot spot among tourists and gets very busy around lunchtime!

Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you need a break from Bangkok, I would suggest a trip to Ayutthaya. This city used to be the capital of the Thai kingdom. There are lots of temples to explore and a lovely floating market. It’s very quiet, so it’s a nice break to the sometimes hectic and crowded Bangkok!

You can easily get there with a mini bus that leaves from the Victory Monument in Bangkok. Just ask around for the bus to Ayutthaya and make sure you know the times of when the bus goes back to Bangkok! Getting there takes 1.5 hours but the journey into Bangkok might be longer because we all know how crazy the traffic there gets!

Ayutthaya Floating Market

I hope you enjoyed my little guide to Bangkok. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!

Have you been to Bangkok yet? What are your experiences?

12 thoughts on “Bangkok, Thailand: Temples, Temples, more Temples and the Best Street Food

    1. You should definitely go! It’s such a lovely city, especially for shopping! I mostly used Tuk Tuks to get around but there are so many transport options that it’s super easy to get around! Walking is alright for short distances but since it can get so hot, I’d recommend a tuk tuk! :)

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    1. Yes I was! But I was never really by myself as I stayed in hostels and met so many people there! I was a bit scared of travelling solo but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! I would say that Thailand is a very safe country for solo female travellers, I felt safe at all times!

      If you want a nice hostel in Bangkok, stay at the Bed Station Hostel. It’s really nice and quiet and the location is perfect! You’ll meet lots of nice people there!

      Have you made plans on when you want to go yet?

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      1. Those are some lovely things to hear for a solo female traveller :)

        I travel on my own in Japan all the time, but I think Japan just doesn’t really count as it’s so safe, hahaha. Plus I live here so I’m used to it.

        It’s quite different travelling somewhere completely new on your own. I totally agree with you though that it is an amazing experience! I feel a sense of achievement, independence, strength and like “yeah I got this!” hehe. I wonder if you felt that too?

        I haven’t made any plans at all, but I just wanted to get some ideas of where I could go on my own :D

        Bali is also on my list! Seems like such a magical place! (Yes I’m guilty of having watched Eat, Pray, Love :p)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve heard so many great things about Japan, I’d love to go! It’s a shame it’s so expensive there though!

        Oh yes, I definitely felt that sense of achievement and much more confident!

        Bali is a great place, it’s very touristy though. Next time I might go further east, to the Timor Islands maybe?! :)

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      3. Oh you must visit Japan one day!

        I think it can be expensive, especially compared with other countries in Asia, but hostels and Air BnB are a good way to save money, and if you are a tourist you can save a lot with the Japan Rail Pass depending on how much you will travel by train.

        Also there are plenty of low cost airlines operating here, and the Government is making so many stores and products tax free to tourists now as they want to boost the economy.

        You can eat a really good meal for 1,000 or 1,200 yen, especially if you eat local food. I cannot imagine eating a great meal for that price in London, for example.

        Also, I think train fares are quite reasonable, though maybe I’ve just been here too long! Haha.

        The Timor Islands sound amazing! I would like to volunteer with the orang utans in Borneo one day <3

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      4. I know! It’s very high up on my list of places to go! Thanks for the advice! It’s always so nice to get travel tipps from a local as it also makes travelling more authentic!

        Ooooh, Borneo must be wonderful! I’ve been to Malaysia but I didn’t make it to Borneo. Next time though! :)

        Have a wonderful week ahead of you!

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  1. Oh my gosh, amazing! Thailand is on my bucket list. The buildings look incredible, the contrast between the historic temples and the fast-moving city life looks amazing, and you can never go wrong eating where the locals eat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Thailand is a great country to start backpacking and travelling solo as it’s super friendly and easy to get around! You should definitely go there once in your life! The temples and the beaches are incredibly beautiful! xx

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