Generation Peter Pan

Shortly before I went travelling, I came across this blog post. To say that I felt like the writer was speaking from my heart would be the biggest understatement ever. I can relate to her in every single aspect and here is why…

Generation Peter Pan

What does it mean to be part of Generation Peter Pan? Well Peter Pan is known for not wanting to grow up. Can I relate to that? Abso-fucking-lutely! When I was travelling, my favourite game to play with strangers was Guess-My-Age! Nobody thinks I’m 28, I don’t look like I’m 28 and I certainly don’t act like I’m 28.

Whilst most of my friends now have long-term boyfriends, a good career, jobs and have lived in the same apartment/house for several years, I am free and single, change jobs frequently and have blown most of my savings on a five months trip through Southeast Asia. I have moved between countries a lot and am currently living with my parents again.

Does that make me feel depressed some people ask me.Excuse me? Just because I’m 28, should I settle for a man I get on with but don’t love, should I work in a job I hate just because it’s expected of me?

Just before I left for Asia last year, I had this funny conversation with my dad that went a little bit like this:

Dad: So what’s your plan now?
Me: Well, I’m gonna go to India for a month and then see.
Dad: Then see what?
Me: Where to go next.
Dad. Aha, when do you want to come back?
Me: Dunno, when I’m out of money maybe?
Dad: So you want to spend all your savings? What about a pension? You need to think about your future!
Me: Yeah well I’ve got time to think about that. I’m not that old.
Dad: Well you’re 27 now, don’t you want to have kids at some point?

That conversation put me in a completely different perspective. When my dad was my age he had been working for 14 years and was married and building a house. Things are mostly still like this here in my tiny village in the middle of nowhere but I have always been different.

I moved away when I was 19, I love living in big cities with plenty of things to do and see and can’t imagine to be living the life that some of my friends are living.

I’m about to start a new job in Cologne next week and move into a nice little apartment and truth be told: I AM PETRIFIED! I’m petrified of having responsibilities again, of paying bills, of having a 9-5 office job, of living a normal life! The last 10 months have really shown me that there is so much more out there in the world to see and that I am nowhere near ready to settle down. On the other side I am a person that needs some security in her life.

Whilst travelling, I have always said that I by no means want to go back to a 9-5 office job but once you find yourself back in your old surroundings, completely broke and out of a job for months, possibly years, life gets though. Unfortunately, today’s job market doesn’t see roaming around Asia for five months, finding yourself and your inner peace as valuable work experience.

If travelling has taught me one thing, it’s to make the most out of everything. I am going to embrace how things will go and make the most out of it. At least I can save up for my next trip by having a steady income, right? ;-)

For now, I might grow up a little, but I know that deep inside, I will always keep a young spirit!

2 thoughts on “Generation Peter Pan

  1. I definitely think our generation and our parents’ generation want different things in life. Our parents’ generation valued getting a stable job, working 9-5 at the same company for most of their lives, purchasing a home, settling down in their mid-late 20’s and started a family, then retired and collected their pension. There’s nothing wrong with that nor is it a bad way to live, but it’s not always what people in our generation want today.
    I have a cousin who travels around the world and finds work wherever he’s living in order to support his travels, and neither his parents nor my parents understand it.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more with you there! My parents are a prime example of what you described and they don’t understand my lifestyle at all. But well, maybe time will help ;-)

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels that way! xx

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