Discovering Kuala Lumpur & Jungle Adventures in Malaysia!

Are you ready for the next part of my Southeast Asia adventure? Today’s blog post takes you on a tour of Kuala Lumpur and a hike in the outskirts of this incredible city!

Kuala Lumpur (1)

I wasn’t prepared for KL (as the locals call it) in the slightest. I didn’t plan on going there by any means but when I arrived in the south of Thailand I faced two problems: I wasn’t ready to go home yet and a friend from uni was telling me to visit him in KL. So, well I just booked a flight from Krabi to KL and found myself in this huge city all of the sudden!

My first hostel was in the Bukit Bintang district which is a lovely multicultural district full of international restaurants, nice street food and cosy bars! The location is great as it’s not too far from the Petronas Towers, so obviously they and the mall in them were my first stop.

Kuala Lumpur - Petronas Towers

KL has the biggest and nicest malls I’ve seen in the whole of Asia. If it’s too hot outside, you can literally spend all day in the malls! Since I wanted to have a bit of a nicer hostel for Christmas and New Years, I decided to move to the more expensive Reggae Mansion hostel (find out more about it in this blog post). This hostel was the one that was recommended to me by lots of people and it’s really nice, especially the parties there are so much fun!

Kuala Lumpur (3)

The Reggae Mansion hostel is right around the corner from the main sights of KL, including Petaling Street in Chinatown where you can get everything your heart desires.

One thing I loved about KL is how multicultural it is and how so many religions live peacefully with each other. There are tons of Hindu temples, mosques and churches all over the city.

Kuala Lumpur (4)

After Chinatown, I also wanted to see Little India since I did miss India and it’s food a lot by this point. Little India is only a short walk away from KL Sentral and as vibrant and colourful as I imagined it to be.

Kuala Lumpur - Little India1

The transport system in KL is a bit complex and it did take me a while to work out but it’s incredibly efficent and once you’ve figured the different lines out, it is super easy to get from A to B.

Kuala Lumpur - Little India

One sight that is easy to reach with public transport and that you should not miss, is a visit to the Batu Caves in the north of the city. The caves are a popular Hindu shrine and millions of Hindus come to the cave each year for the Thaipusam festivities. Visitors are greeted by a giant golden statue of the Hindu god Murugan that guards the caves.

Kuala Lumpur - Batu Caves (2)

I only visited the Temple Cave as this one is free of charge. Be careful when climbing the 300 stairs to the top as there are quite a few monkeys around trying to steal stuff off you! I had a quick glimpse into the Dark Cave which is only accessible with a guide and is home to some rare fauna and forms of spiders and bats.

Kuala Lumpur - Batu Caves (1)

Since my Malaysian friend had a car, he took me and a friend from the hostel on a spectacular hike to the Lata Medang Kuala Kubu Baru Waterfalls, about 2 hours outside of KL. I’d say it’s difficult to get there without a car but if you can rent one, it’s totally worth it!

Kuala Lumpur - Hike

We hiked through the forest for about an hour and although we were going uphill it wasn’t hard and the views were incredibly. Malaysia really has stunning nature to offer! There are three different waterfalls at different levels and they are all beautiful.

It was incredible to be back in the quiet nature without any tourists and get a break from busy KL! Although I didn’t have a swim in the waterfalls, I still got completely trenched on the way back as it was pouring down with rain and the park keepers rushed us down the hill to avoid getting caught in a thunderstorm.

Kuala Lumpur - Hike1

I didn’t expect much from my visit to KL but in the time I’ve spent there, I’ve grown to love it! I will definitely be back in this vibrant city, even if it’s just for a stopover! Thanks again to my wonderful friend Dhiya for introducting me to his city!

All that is left to say for now is:

Kuala Lumpur (2)

Have you been to Malaysia and KL yet? What’s been your favourite thing to do there?

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