Falling in Love with the Street Art of Melaka, Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that fascinates with its diversity. The buzzing city KL, the quiet and cooler Cameron Highlands, stunning beaches and incredible dive spots on the Eastern side and Melaka, a city full of culture and history which I am going to talk about today!

Melaka - Dutch Square

I arrived in Melaka by car with my Malaysian friend who went to uni there. He was an amazing guide and took me to the museum next to the Stadthuys which is all about Malaysian culture and the history of the city. Definitely worth a stop if you go there. Also there is aircon which you will grow to appreciate fairly quickly.

Since Melaka is further south than most other cities in Malaysia, it’s extremely hot. I think it was one of the hottest places ever on my whole trip!

Melaka - Kota A Famosa

When wandering around the city, the Portuguese and Dutch influence in the city becomes quite apparent. Because of it’s strategic position in Southeast Asia, the city of Melaka became an important trading point and Europeans fought for the city and conquered it many times. Above you can see the remaining gate of A Famosa, a fortress built by the Portuguese settlers.

Melaka - St. Paul's Church

Above the fortress, on a steep hill, you will find St. Paul’s Church which was also built by the Portuguese and later reformed by the Dutch.

Melaka - River Front

Melaka offers a wide variety of things to do. Of course, visiting Jonker Street in Chinatown is a must do in the evening when it’s full of street stalls selling souvenirs, art and amazing food. When I was walking around on Jonker Street on my first evening in Melaka, I somehow ran into a guy I met in KL and we ended up exploring KL together for the next 2 days!

Melaka - Street Art

We strolled around the river, went for amazing food and explored the local streets together and managed to find some wonderful street art! It’s inspiring to just find colourful streets like this one!

Melaka - Street Art The Orangutan House

We also went back to Jonker street and somehow found more people we had met in KL. Let’s say Melaka is not only good for culture, it’s also pretty decent for a night out and about! ;-)


Similar to KL, Melaka is home to many different cultures and apart from the Durch and Portugese settlements there’s also Chinatown and Little India which are worth a visit!

Now, one of my favourite parts of Melaka was the food! My Malaysian friend is a great cook and an even bigger foodie and took us the the best places all over Malaysia. In Melaka, he took us to the Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant which is a popular restaurant for locals. They seriously had the best Tandoori chicken I’ve ever had and possibly the best Indian food outside India! Make sure to go there as early as possible! They open at 5:30pm and it gets super busy!

Melaka - Pak Putra Tandoori Restaurant

If you’re heading to Malaysia soon, make sure not to miss this wonderful place! I could’ve spent many more days there as there is so much to explore and do!

Have you been to Melaka yet? What’s been your favourite city on your travels?

7 thoughts on “Falling in Love with the Street Art of Melaka, Malaysia

    1. Yes I did and it was amazing, totally crowded of course but so much good food and lovely street vendors! I had really good food in Melaka, they have so many good restaurants there! xx


    1. Aww, I know that feeling! Malaysia is definitely a country I want to visit again, it’s so diverse! I missed out on Georgetown and Kota Kinabalu last time but I can definitely recommend the Cameron Highlands, so different from the rest of Malaysia! Oooh I’d love to volunteer with Orang Utans too! xx

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  1. Just got back from Melaka and it was Amazing !! i fell in love with that city in an instance! Cant wait to go back!! thanks for sharing your experience :)

    Liked by 1 person

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