Week in Pictures #8 – I’m Back!

I’m back! After 8 weeks of a much needed blogging break, I finally found my blogging mojo again! There will be lots of fresh content coming your way! I am aiming at 2 to 3 blog posts a week. Thursdays posts will be travel related and then there will be a beauty post on Sunday, along with other content on Tuesdays! So, let’s see what I’ve been up to those last few weeks!


I have finally moved into my dream flat in Cologne! It’s super close to the river, has a lovely balcony and is just perfect for me! I’ve been super busy making it a cosy home. I’m still missing some pictures and decoration stuff but once that’s done, expect a flat tour coming your way!

I love life in Cologne, I’ve made some new friends, reconnected with old friends and have met lovely colleagues at my new job! I still miss travelling but it’s nice to be able to come home to your own place now.


My time off work has been spent going on little weekend trips, for example to Luxembourg and Trier with my parents. I’ve also really enjoyed the hot weather (summer here is so different from summer in the UK!) and spent time tanning on the river front, playing beach volleyball (well, ok, trying to!) and exploring new parts of Cologne!

Exploring a new city for me always means lots of new restaurants to try out! Whilst I haven’t discovered the real gems yet, I have had some lovely Thai and Turkish food and my cooking skills are ever improving! I am so happy to be back in fig season and had them for almost every breakfast in the last week!


Also, I’ve been obsessed with hummus and sweet potatoes! I now make my own hummus following the recipe from Deliciously Ella and it’s sooooo good and so affordable!

That’s it really, a lot has happened and I’m excited to see what the next months in Cologne will bring! I hope you’re excited for new content as I am incredibly excited to be back blogging!

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