The Beautiful Tea Fields of the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

One of the best parts of travelling for me is talking to other travellers and hearing their stories. I always keep my notebook ready to take in their advice on hostels and places. The Cameron Highlands were recommended to me by a guy I met in Bangkok. I only had 2 weeks in Malaysia, but I managed to fit in a 2 day visit to this lovely part of Malaysia!


The Cameron Highlands are located around 3 hours away from KL, in the inland of Malaysia. Getting there by bus is easy and connections run frequently. A tip here: make sure you’ve got some motion sickness pills on you as the streets are super windy and the whole trip can be quite stressful if you feel unwell!

The Cameron Highlands aren’t only a place that foreign tourists visit, it’s also popular among Malaysians, mainly because of the different, cooler climate that’s so different from the rest of Malaysia. When I was there in December, the average temperature was around 20 degrees Celsius which was a nice change after hot India and Thailand!


Finding accommodation turned out a bit difficult, as there aren’t many hostels there yet. I ended up in a small hostel in Tanah Rata, where I met two lovely German girls. Together we booked a tour for the next day to see the tea plantations. If you only have a limited amount of time, I would recommend booking a tour as you get to see a lot in one day and don’t have to stress about transport.

However, if you have more time to explore the Cameron Highlands, I would advise hiring a driver and seeing things at your own speed as the tours did feel a bit rushed at times.


Our first stop was just on the side of a road, looking out over the plentiful, green and lush tea plantations. The landscape is unbelievable in the Cameron Highlands as it’s such a huge contrast to what I’ve seen before of Malaysia. Coming to the quiet, cool hillside from bustling and busy KL felt like being in a completely different world!


We took a million pictures at the photo stop before moving on to a strawberry plantation, a butterfly farm and a honey farm. The Cameron Highlands are one of the very few places in Southeast Asia where you can grow strawberries. They were so incredibly juicy and delicious! No wonder they call the Cameron Highlands the garden of Asia!


Our last stop was the BOH tea plantation where we learned how the tea is fermented and we got to try some lovely green tea along with some incredibly good cake! At that point, I definitely felt like being back in the UK, having a nice and relaxed afternoon tea!


Tanah Rata turned out to be a great base to explore the Cameron Highlands. There’s a wide range of restaurants with a wide range of cuisines. As the Indian influence is very present in this region, I would always advise trying the Indian food there!

Have you been to the Cameron Highlands yet and do you find tea plantations as calming as me? Let me know in the comments below!

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