Sunsets, Snorkeling & the Best Week Ever on Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Just a little warning before we get into today’s blog post: I am going to ramble on and on about the most beautiful place ever and it will most likely want to hop on a plane and go there too. You’ve been warned! Sooo, here is how I fell in love with the island Gili Trawangan!


My trip to Gili Trawangan started with an early pick up at my hostel in Ubud. I went to Gili T with Cat, a girl I had met in Thailand and who happened to be in Bali at the same time as me! We took a bus to the coast and then got on a speed boat that took us to Gili T and also stopped at Gili Meno and Gili Air. The Gili Islands are located north east of Bali and Gili T is the biggest of the three islands.

One of the best parts about all three islands is that they are completely car and scooter free! They only allow horse carriages and electro scooters which makes the island much more peaceful.


My friend Vicky had spent New Years on this island and recommended me the fantastic Broken Compass Hostel (read more about it here) and we met a great bunch of people in this hostel! The best thing about this hostel is the Roast Dinner, served up on Sundays and cooked by a Welsh guy ! You can probably imagine our joy at food that reminds you of home when you’ve had Asian food for 3 months straight!


Gili Trawangan is often mistaken for the Ibiza of Indonesia and purely seen as a party island. Whilst you can definitely dance until the sunrise and magic mushrooms are a popular drug on this island, there are also so many other sides to this island! We mainly spent our days cycling around the island, enjoying a dip in the sea every now and then and hanging out in the pool with the hostel crew!


Every night, we walked to the other side of the island to watch the sunset and I can honestly say, that this was by far the nicest sunset I’ve seen in my entire life! The way the colours changed and the sun turned the sea in all kinds of purple and pink was just fantastic! Although we watched this sunset about 4 times, you don’t grow tired of it ever!


Cat and me went on a snorkeling trip that we booked on the beach front and saw the most beautiful coral reef in front of Gili Air, the colours were stunning and there were so many colourful fish whizzing around beneath us.


We totally caught the snorkeling vibe that day and decided to rent snorkels ourselves and try it off the north coast of Gili T where someone told us about this spot where you can always see three turtles.


Our first attempt was pretty exhausting as we had to walk super far as the tide was out and we didn’t see any turtles but plenty of fish. We went back to the hostel to avoid the mid-day heat and went again around 3 p.m. when the tide was in. We waited for around 20 minutes and saw the three turtles right in front of us!


Being able to see these wonderful animals in their natural habitat from so close was one of the most memorable experiences of my entire trip! I have never been snorkeling before but seeing the underwater world in the clear sea of Indonesia has made me curious for more snorkeling trips in the future!



There is also a small turtle rescue station on the island which we visited to see the baby turtles which were soooo incredibly cute!


I hope I was able to show my love for this tiny, underrated island is this post! Do you have any recommendations for nice snorkeling spots in Europe? Let me know what your perfect paradise island is in the comments below!

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