One Night in Singapore

My trip to Singapore was short and sweet. I arrived from Indonesia at 6pm and left for Vietnam at 6am the next morning. I was thinking about staying longer, but compared to the rest of Asia, Singapore is super expensive and  I decided against it. However, I still had an amazing experience in Singapore that I would like to share with you today!


I stayed in a hostel right between the city centre and the airport and met a Finnish guy who had been to Singapore plenty of times. He proposed showing me the city, so we got the metro to the Marina where they play a water show every evening. We sat down, watched the show and then the Finnish guy proposed to go up the Marina Bay Sands hotel.


I wasn’t convinced that we would get to the top as I looked like a typical backpacker in my elephant trousers and we were entering a five star hotel! We waited next to the elevators and jumped in with someone who had a key card and got to the top! I guess sometimes you just have to be adventurous if you want to get a view like this!


There is a part were you can walk freely and there is a closed area that belongs to the restaurant were you can only get in if you have a reservation. Well, I just asked a nice older man if he could take a picture of the view with my phone which he kindly did!


We walked around the Marina a bit and I noticed how completely different Singapore is to all the other places in Asia that I’ve been to! I was quite impressed by Kuala Lumpur already, but Singapore is so clean, everything is new and it’s very impressive! Money-wise I was happy that I only spent one night there though!


If you like new, modern cities, you will definitely like Singapore. I heard that they have great shopping malls as well! I’m sure that I will one day return here, even if it’s just for a stopover!

Have you been to Singapore yet? What are your thoughts?

One thought on “One Night in Singapore

  1. Welcome to Singapore! It’s a beautiful city and many of my foreign friends have shared the same thoughts as you. Not sure if you had the opportunity to try the local food as well? Do stopover for longer period in our garden city and explore the rest of the town! 😊


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