What Not To Miss in Vietnam: The Imperial City of Hue

No visit to Vietnam would be complete without visiting the former capital, Hue! Apart from lots of rain, keep reading to see more impressions of this beautiful city!


The city of Hue has been the  the capital of Vietnam from 1802-1945 and it’s home to the 19th century Citadel which includes the Imperial City as well as the Forbidden Purple City and a replica of the Royal Theatre.


Although there was terrential rain for the most part of the 24 hours I spent in Vietnam, I was determined to see the Imperial City which is one of the most important sights in Vietnam to understand the history and culture of this country.


Me and a girl from the hostel bought the most hilarious raincoats we could find and headed off. On the plus side, terrential rain meant that the queues at the Citadel were small and that it was very quiet in the Citadel which made the situation a little better. I can imagine that it gets super crowded on a nice day!


If you are interested in architecture, the Imperial City is incredibly impressive. The Vietnam war left most of the buildings destroyed. There used to be 160 buildings on this site and only 10 remain today.


Thankfully, the Vietnamese government is slowly rebuilding them and you can still see some remains of the original Imperial City, such as the wall in the picture below.



The area is surrounded by a square wall that measures 2 kilometres at each side. Apart from temples and multiple palaces, there are also beautiful park like features in the Imperial City.


There is even a pond with fish and a huge garden filled with beautifully trimmed hedges and little garden buildings. Since the weather was quite wet as mentioned earlier, that also meant that the colours we saw where incredible. The grass was green and lush and it really brought out the colourful buildings as well!


The complex is quite big and it takes a while to walk through and discover everything. You might think you’ve seen it all and then you turn around and find yourself looking at a gate or a statue you didn’t notice before!


Although I only spent 24 hours in Hue, I would always recommend at least a short stop in this impressive city to learn more about the history of Vietnam!


There are also a few famous tombs in Hue which I’ve heard great things about. The Thiên Mụ Pagoda is Hue’s largest pagoda and looks beautiful. I wish I could’ve seen those sights as well but with the rainy weather, I found myself soaked after three hours in the Imperial City and was desperate for a hot chocolate and a warm bed!


Have you been to Hue yet? What were your thoughts on the Imperial City? Link me your travel posts in the comments so I can go have a read!

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