Travel Plans for 2017

Welcome back! You might have noticed some changes on this blog. What started out as a beauty blog has over the years developed into a wild mix of beauty, travel and lifestyle blog. But not only the blog has changed, I have changed as well: although I still love make up and beauty, I am definitely not as obsessed as I used to be and have found my true passion: Travelling!

After my 5 month trip through Asia (read more about this here), I am back in Germany now with a 9-5 office job and spent all of my holidays and time off travelling. Soooo, to celebrate the inauguration of my new travel blog, I am going to reveal my travel plans for 2017 to you!

Travel Plans 2017

Let’s start with the two trips I’ve already taken this year:

1. Berlin

The very first trip of the year lead me to Germany’s capital. I spent three days there, mostly sightseeing, discovering the cutest café’s and eating out!

Berlin Alexanderplatz

I’m actually heading back to Berlin this weekend as Monday is a bank holiday in Germany and I’m visiting a friend I made while travelling! I’d like to go to Charlottenburg Castle this time and maybe take a boat on the river Spree as it was way too cold back in January!

2. Cambridge & London

In March I finally managed to visit my old housemate from Cardiff in Cambridge where she moved with her boyfriend to work at the university there. The weather was wonderful and thanks to her working for the university, we got into all the colleges for free!

Cambrige Bridge of Sighs

After two days in Cambridge, I headed down to London for a night where I met the lovely Danielle, who I travelled with in Cambodia, my former colleague Stephen and my uni friends Ghazal and Chintan!

London Neal's Yard

I’m hoping that I will somehow find the time to go to Cardiff again for a few days as I really do miss the city and my friends there!

3. Portugal

In June I will be heading to a SUP and Yoga retreat at the Salty Pelican Hostel in Cascais, Portugal. I am looking forward to another solo trip and hope that I’ll meet some nice fellow travelers there!

The retreat is for 8 days and after that I’m spending three days in Lissabon. I’ve read so many amazing things about this city and can’t wait to explore!


4. Road Trip USA

In October, I’ll be flying to San Francisco with my sister and go on a little road trip from there. Our current plan is to drive to Yosemite National Park, then onwards to Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and then fly from Vegas back to San Francisco!

Horseshoe Bend

Although this trip wasn’t that high up on my bucket list, my sister was desperate to go and I decided to join her! It’s going to be interesting to see this side of the US after my trip to Florida last year!

5. Central America

Somehow, I magically convinced my boss to give me a month off in December and January because my feet are getting itchy again! My last backpacking trip has passed for more than a year now and I am desperate to hit the road again! I was contemplating between Australia (too expensive), the Philippines, Myanmar and Costa Rica for ages.

I finally decided that I am going to go to Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua because to me they look the most challenging since my Spanish no es muy bueno!

Costa Rica

My current plan is to fly into Panama City, stay there for 2 nights and then head west to Bocas del Toro before chrossing into Costa Rica where I want to see the Tortuguero National Park and some volcanoes! A friend of mine lived in Nicaragua for a while so when I saw her last weekend, she gave me plenty of tipps including the cities Léon and Granada as well as Isla Ometepe and Corn Island on the Atlantic coast.


I haven’t booked any flights for this trip yet as I do still need to save up a bit and figure out my exact plans, but I am already excited for this trip!

Since I haven’t figured out how to make a decent living whilst travelling full time, I decided to stick with a full-time job and make the most of my holidays. It’s worked pretty well so far and I’ve managed to go somewhere new every two months. One of the good things about Germany is that we have plenty of holidays (30 days) and quite a few bank holidays as well!

What are your travel plans for 2017 and have you been to any of the destinations I’ve mentioned in this post? Give me your recommendations if you have, especially if you’ve been to Central America! 

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