My Backpacking Equipment

Your first backpacking trip can be daunting. I had all the nerves when I set off to India and Southeast Asia in 2015! What backpack should I buy and how do I organize it? Thankfully I had fab friends that helped me figure this out and now I’m sharing my packing secrets with you too!

My Backpacking Equipment

1. The Backpack

I used the Deuter Women’s Act Lite 45 Plus 10 SL Backpack which is perfect for a six month trip! It’s not only extremely durable, it also has lots of pockets to keep your stuff organized! It’s very comfortable to wear and even with 12kgs in it, I was able to walk long distances with it!

2. The Daybag

On my big trip I used a small backpack from Sports Direct that was pretty cheap. The size was good but that’s about it. The straps fell off multiple times and although I stitched it back together, it’s not the best.

Invest in something that’s durable and that will work well for wearing on the front when you have your big bag on the back and that is also big enough for daytrips! The Fjällräven Classic Kanken Backpacks are great for this!

3. Get Organised

By far the best purchase I made shortly before I left was the Tatonka Flat Bag Set which doesn’t look very spectacular, but believe me: it makes all the difference!

Not only do these bags compress your clothes, it also makes it so much easier to find what your looking for!

That’s actually it for the equipment I brought along. It’s also going to be what I’m going to use for my upcoming trip to Central America. Stay tuned for a What to Pack for Central America blog post coming your way soon!

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What does your backpacking gear look like? Share what’s worked best for you in the comments below!

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