My Travel Plans 2018

Yes, I’m fully aware that half of the year has passed already, but nevertheless I wanted to share my travel plans for 2018 with you!

Travel Plans 2018.png

You might remember from last year’s travel plans that I was planning on visiting Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, but that changed a bit. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I instead went to Panama and Colombia.

So, let’s start with the places I’ve already been to this year:

1. Panama & Colombia

I was very lucky to be able to take 5 weeks off in December 2017 and January 2018 and went backpacking through Panama and Colombia! I loved every bit of it and was extremely surprised by the beauty of both countries. There’ll be blog posts soon, so keep your eyes on this space!

Panama & Colombia

2. Hintertux, Austria

At the end of April, I went skiing for the first time in 15 years! My company organises an annual ski trip and my colleague convinced me to join. We had booked a class with an instructor to get back into it and it turned out that skiing is basically like riding a bike. Once you learn it properly, it sticks. I hadn’t been to the mountains in ages and loved the Austrian mountains. Definitely going back next year!


3. London/Milton Keynes

At the beginning of April, I went on a super spontaneous trip to the UK. One of my friends who I’d met in India was asking me on a Thursday if I wanted to visit her and another common friend at that weekend and I found a cheap flight for the Saturday morning and stayed with her near Milton Keynes that night, heading into London the next day to meet my former housemate and flew back to Germany the Sunday night. Sometimes spontaneous trips are the best!

4. Berlin & Potsdam

April and May were intense months travel wise since I also went to Berlin for 5 days where I met my former house mate from Cardiff who was participating in a velothon there. Since we’d both been to Berlin before, we explored further out of the city and visited Potsdam which is only half an hour away from central Berlin and houses some of the best baroque castles in Germany!


Surprisingly, I still have a few spare days left to take off even after taking 5 weeks off in December and January. That’s one of the good things of being able to work for a huge company and collecting overtime! So here are the trips I’m planning on taking in the second half of 2018.

5. Bosnia, Croatia & Montenegro

In less than a week I’m heading off to my next solo backpacking adventure. Ever since I visited Macedonia, I’ve been wanting to see more of the Balkans. I’m starting my trip in Sarajevo, Bosnia heading down to Dubrovnik and then to Kotor in Montenegro. I’m really looking forward to exploring new places and soaking up some sunshine!

Bosnia, Croatia & Montenegro

6. Somewhere warm for yoga

I haven’t fully figured out this one yet. I’ve got about one and a half weeks of holidays left this year and am thinking about going on a yoga retreat somewhere in autumn. I’m thinking either southern Italy, Greece or one of the Balearic islands in September but I need to do more research on yoga retreats in that area. If you have any tipps on yoga retreats in Europe that aren’t crazy expensive, let me know in the comments below!

As you can see, my travel plans this year don’t go outside Europe, but I figured I needed a break after 4 long-haul flights last year. Also, I wanted to save up on money a bit since I’ve already made plans for 2019… There might be a sabbatical involved ;-)

What are your travel plans for 2018 and where have you travelled so far this year?

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