Exploring Lisbon’s Street Art

As I mentioned in my last post about beautiful Lisbon (read it here), the city has a massive collection of street art and I’m not talking about those rubbish graffiti tags you see in all cities. Lisbon has a lot more than that!

I have come to love free walking tours. Firstly, I think that the person guiding them puts much more effort in than a paid tour and secondly I found that the other participants on the free tours are usually fab! One of the best tours I’ve ever been on was the free tour by Lisbon Street Art Tours (book it here). The tour lasted three hours and took us to districts that you probably wouldn’t venture to as a tourist.

The tour was very informative and taught us about the different types of graffitis and explained the different artists. Some artists use stencils like in the pictures below. The great thing about this technique is that it’s very quick to do and sometimes you’ll find the same graffitis in multiple cities across the globe. If you look for it, you’ll find the pura poesia phrase all over Lisbon.

Another technique are stickers, often combined with traditional spray paint.

Finally, there are of course tons and tons of spray graffitis all over town. Below you’ll see some of my favourites.

When you’re on this tour, don’t forget to look up every now and then. Sometimes your guide will point out some stunning tiled facades of houses.

Have you been on any street art tours before? This was my first and it’s made me curious to discover street art in other cities around the globe!

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One thought on “Exploring Lisbon’s Street Art

  1. dear Dina, it was a pleasure to read your articles about Lisbon, my hometown :) it is true that we have a lot of street art! and you´ve found a lot, even some that i´ve never seen ahah cheers from sunny Lisbon, PedroL

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