US Road Trip: Page & Zion National Park

There’s a lot of talk currently about how Instagram and Social Media in general are creating unsustainable tourism – which I completely and wholeheartedly agree with! On the other hand, there are so many spots all over the world that have become more popular for a good reason. Let’s see which hotspots I saw on my US road trip!

Horseshoe Bend

Since we basically drove completely around the Grand Canyon, we drove past the city of Page which is known for two attractions, one being a famous curve of the Colorado river called the Horseshoe Bend.

I was lucky enough to be there in 2017 when it wasn’t as crowded as it is nowadays. When I visited, they were preparing to construct a viewing platform which is now finished. It also now costs 10$ to park your car and then walk to the edge, all of which was free when I was there!

As I said in my introduction, it’s difficult with the impact of social media on nature. Many people now focus more on getting the perfect picture and forget their environment and often their own safety too! So please be considerate when traveling, not only of yourself but also of your surroundings!

Lower Antelope Canyon

One of my personal highlights of this trip was a visit to the Lower Antelope Canyon. There are quite a few canyons similar to the Lower Antelope Canyon in the same area, including Rattlesnake Canyon (nah, thanks, not keen on that!) and the Upper Antelope Canyon. The Lower Antelope Canyon is by far the most famous for it’s formations!

Since we didn’t really know when we’d be there, we didn’t book in advance but I’d highly advise you to do so! There are two tour operators that do the exact same tour, so just get the one where the queue is shortest! We had to wait half an hour to even get to the ticket counter and then were told that the next slots would be available in 4 hours! Well, I flew halfway across the world, so I didn’t really mind waiting that long.

However, we were super lucky. We said down on a bench to figure out what to do for four hours when a tour guide was asking who had the 1 pm slot. Only 6 people got up and he looked at us and told us that we can go with him now if we wanted to. Jackpot! Five minutes of waiting are so much better than four bloody hours!

Our guide was super nice and didn’t only tell us about the formation of the canyon and how he used to play hide and seek in it as a kid but I also learned a lot about the Navajo culture!

Getting down into the canyon wasn’t that easy – you have to climb down several flights of stairs before you get to the bottom. We walked around the canyon for around an hour before getting out on the other side. There are tour groups going in every 10 minutes or so, which means that it was quite crowded but it was everything I’d hoped for!

The light in the canyon is AMAZING and the rock formations are stunning. It’s basically a photographers dream! Therefore, excuse the picture spam above!

Zion National Park

I’ve never really heard of Zion National Park until two friends that I met whilst travelling Southeast Asia both did the Angels Landing Trail and posted about it on Instagram. Sadly I didn’t have the time to do that trail but I walked to the Canyon Overlook which has an incredible view and is relatively easy.

I also made some chipmunk friends on the way. I know for Americans they’re not that special but we don’t really have them in Europe and they’re so cute!

The view at the end was breathtaking! I stayed there for quite a while watching the chipmunks and enjoying the view on a beautiful clear day. I’ve heard from other travellers that walking through the narrows is really nice. I know I said this with Yosemite as well, but I would love to go back one day and do the Angels Landing Trail and spent a couple of days in the park!

Out of all the national parks I’ve seen so far, Zion was definitely up there! It does get quite crowded on the weekends and you have to sort out accomodation way in advance (which we didn’t and meant we had to drive for ages to find a motel) but it’s absolutely worth it!

Have you been to this area yet? What’s your favourite national park in the US?

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