How My Trip Ended Early (Thanks to Corona Virus)

Well this is unexpected. Never would I have thought that I’d be sitting in my flat in Cologne at the beginning of April, writing a blog post about how my trip that was supposed to last for 6.5 months was cut short by two months, but hey, that’s life.

The Story So Far…

I left to go travelling mid-November last year and was supposed to travel until the beginning of June and go back to work in July. I had even already bought all my return flights! I started off in India where I went to a friends wedding, then had 2 very short days back in Germany before I flew to Cuba where I spend a month. I then went to Mexico for almost 7 weeks, Belize for 2 weeks and spent one month in Guatemala. My plan was then to travel through El Salvador and spent the last two months of my travels in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

I had already booked a flight from San José in Costa Rica back to Mexico City to spend some time there as I loved the city and then I had planned to fly to Chicago for a week to visit my great aunt there and her family before flying back to Germany via Lisbon. I bought all of these flights two weeks before the Corona virus hit Central America.

I was in Antigua Guatemala recovering from Peter the Parasite who kept my tummy umhappy for an entire week when people at the hostel first started talking about Corona virus. The situation in Europe was getting worse each day but we all naively thought that the whole thing was faaaar away. That was until one guy got given back his money for his shuttle the next day to El Salvador as El Salvador had just shut it’s borders for foreigners.

People (including me) got quite panicky on what to do. One girl instantly booked a flight back to Australia, another guy planned to stick it out in Guatemala and me? I had no bloody idea. The next day I booked a flight to Costa Rica for in two days time as my plan to go there by land was now down the drain and I really did not fancy a 10 hour bus through Honduras (pretty dangerous according to what I’ve heard).

So I flew to Costa Rica, spent two nights in San José, booked a bus to go to the beach to forget about it all. I was in the Uber to the bus station when the president did a live speech on the radio where he announced that the borders would be closed for foreigners starting tomorrow. Well, lucky I got in! Schools were already closed and they started closing the national parks as well. So on the ferry to Santa Teresa I booked a flight via Madrid to Frankfurt as I just felt like I needed to get out whilst I still could.

I spent a nice week on the beach and met a few cool people and worked on my tan. It wasn’t as chill as I hoped it would be as even there in this tiny village restaurants and cafes had to shut down and hostels stopped accepting new guests at some point. It was literally impossible to keep travelling as I was before and I was by no means prepared to be on lockdown in Costa Rica.

Luckily my flight to Madrid was the last Iberia flight to go that week and even though my flight to Frankfurt was cancelled, I still found a reasonably priced ticket to fly to Amsterdam where I met a nice German couple that gave me a lift almost to my doorstep.

What’s Next?

Obviously things in Germany are kinda crazy at the moment. Everything is shut and everyone is staying inside as much as possible. Grocery shopping is the highlight of my day! The weather is sunny and cold at the moment and as we are still allowed to leave the house for a walk, I find myself socially distant walking with a friend almost every day.

Since I really don’t want to just be sitting at home doing nothing for the next three months, I’ve asked to return to work on 1st of May and then take the remaining 2 months off next year to return to Costa Rica and to go to Nicaragua as the Corn Islands are still on my must-see list!

For April, I’ll keep myself busy blogging about my trip and painting my flat and updating my furniture!

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