10 Facts About Me

With more and more readers on my blog (Yay!), I thought it would be about time for you to find out some more about the person behind this blog! So keep reading to find out 10 interesting facts about me!

Generation Peter Pan

Shortly before I went travelling, I came across this blog post. To say that I felt like the writer was speaking from my heart would be the biggest understatement ever. I can relate to her in every single aspect and here is why…

What Travelling Has Taught Me About Friendship

When you set off travelling, you don’t only leave your comfort zone, you will also leave your friends behind. Being apart for a long time will definitely open your eyes to things you didn’t necessarily see before and things will change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Today I’m talking about my experiences with … More What Travelling Has Taught Me About Friendship

My Yoga Journey

I’ve never been a huge fan of any form of exercise. In school I hated the days when we had to run in sports class and I dreaded the yearly sports day! Today’s blog post is all about how I’ve fallen in love with exercise and how yoga has helped me to look at things … More My Yoga Journey